Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kevin Knopp -- Small Stuff

July thru September

The following is Kevin's excellent description of his show. --b.

The two constants of the work is its relatively small size and the fact that all of the work was done perceptually on site. By that I mean all the landscapes were done with a portable easel in an "impressionist" manner,and the still lifes are all based upon my observation of light, color, shape and shadow. All the landscapes are done in the Waupaca area, or where we vacationed in the St. Germaine area. For example, there are ten images from the Waupaca quarry behind the Soo Line depot, facing different directions, at differing times of day. Three I have entitled "from the Hobo Camp", an homage to the itinerant community that flourished there in the Great Depression, until they were "evicted'' by the good citizens of Waupaca.

As to color, it ranges from muted, earth tones. to a more abstract, autonomous "Fauvist" color scheme in some of the later work. Most of the work was created between 1998 and 2002, although a few go back to 1983. Which leads into the fact that I have been painting for about 32 years. What inspires me in these works is a poetry of place or object that I attempt to capture with my chosen medium, which in this exhibit includes oil, watercolour, sepia ink, charcoal and pastel, on both canvas, masonite panels and paper. The exhibit will consist of 55 pieces, although they may not all aesthetically fit on the walls at one time.

Currently, I am in transition between galleries, however I will be participating in a group show at the Peltz Gallery in Milwaukee this October,where I will exhibit work from my current series of landscapes from the Civil War sites of Manassas, Antietem, and figures and townscapes from Cumberland, MD. -- Kevin Knopp

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jim Lang and Doris Weed -- November 13 thru January 8


Another piece by Jim Lang

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Mary Gordon's Lament of Senn Fain


Mena Mena


"One day he ran into an asteroid belt... "

bally the alien

Devil with a blue dress -- Lead singer in the Band from Hell

IMG_0308, originally uploaded by bonnimiller.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Instant Gratification: The Polaroids of Martha Duerr

Godzilla 4, originally uploaded by Martha Duerr.

Stop in for the artist's opening and reception Saturday, October 7th, from 3 to 5 pm, and meet Martha Duerr! Complimentary Chez refreshments will be served. Everyone big and cool will be there.

Wyoming Motel

Wyoming Motel, originally uploaded by Martha Duerr.


Jem, originally uploaded by Martha Duerr.

Jem Movie Theatre

hard as nails

hard as nails, originally uploaded by Martha Duerr.

Martha's baby girl, Elise.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

An Allowance of Dream - August 21 to October 1

From the first installment of "An Allowance of Dream."

Artist Joseph Quinnell from UWSP and other local students, including one from Waupaca, travelled to Thailand last winter to the Development and Education Program for Daughters and Community School (DEPDC). The school, which is located in Mae Sai, on the northern border with Myanmar, was founded by two-time Nobel Prize nominee Sompop Jantraka, whose focus is giving children, rescued from prostitution, an education and new lease on life. Perhaps you've heard about the program on Jean Ferraca's radio show on WPR, "Here on Earth." or on the PBS television documentary "The New Heroes." Quinnell has since set in place a program to sponsor several of the older students for an education at UWSP. All profits from sales in the show will go toward that end. There'll also be an opening for the show that will feature a Thai dinner and slideshow presentation from Quinnell, and a special showing of the work that our Waupaca student, Anne Wojtalewicz, did there. (See photo below.)

Anne Wojtalewicz, Waupaca native, puts finishing touches on the mural of her design that was selected for the Development and Education Program for Daughters and Community School (DEPDC), located in Mae Sai in Thailand.

Two-time Nobel Prize nominee Sompop Jantraka.
An Allowance of Dream

Children at the Development and Education Program for Daughters and Community School (DEPDC), founded by Sompop Jantraka.

It's estimated that fully 25 percent of Thailand's economy is dependent on the sex trade.

Discussing the finer details of the mural at the school.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Drinka / Davenport show


art show 004, originally uploaded by bonnimiller.

"Invitation." Flowing, introspective watercolor by Theresa Drinka

Drinka/Davenport Exhibit at Chez Marche Cafe

Chez Marche Cafe in Waupaca is hosting an exhibition of artwork by two local artists, John R. Davenport and Theresa J.K. Drinka until August 19th.

Davenport works with two dimensional images using oil and pastels. The images draw upon abstract associations with nature or figures embedded in layered environments. The landscape work incorporates the nearby landforms of the Ice Age Trail. The figures, more often solitary, are often relaxed, evoking casual leisure and introspection. The paintings are vividly colored and deeply textured.

Drinka is primarily a watercolorist and her art is an emotional expression linking her reactions to the present with her collective past. Drinka's experiences as a daughter, wife, sister, mother, grandmother, social worker, learner, teacher, author and environmentalist are all a part of her art. Her paintings can best be described as "objective expressionism" where the obvious subject is not necessarily the focus of the painting but merely a vehicle to express an emotion.

Although they express their art using different mediums and diverse styles, Davenport and Drinka share many life experiences. They both are native Wisconsinites over 60 years old. Each has been an educator and administrator, earning PhDs from the University of Wisconsin -Madison later in their careers. They each live in wooded settings, are environmentalists, and revel in the aesthetic nuances of the seasonal landscape. They use their surroundings as an inspiration for their artwork and their love of and respect for nature is reflected in their paintings.


Landscape, originally uploaded by bonnimiller.

"Deer Path." Landscape by John Davenport. Note the way that the brush strokes are implying wind in the trees.

John Davenport

art show 002, originally uploaded by bonnimiller.

John Davenport, creating another of his beautiful landscapes.

art show 003

art show 003, originally uploaded by bonnimiller.

Here's Theresa in her natural element (pun intended).